The East Village

One of my favorite neighborhoods in NYC has to be the East Village. It’s many shops, boutiques, restaurants and bars make it a thriving area and cool place to hang with friends. Bargain and second hand shops are bountiful and the mix of artists, beatniks, locals and new comers makes the East Village quite exciting and vibrant.

The East village came about in the late 1950 to 60s. It developed as an area for artists and beatniks and formed itself as a neighborhood separate from the nearby Lower east side. The East Village also includes Alphabet city, known for its avenues A through D. Primarily a Latin neighborhood, Alphabet city has not changed much though recent condo buildings are going up constantly.

A Great place to visit is Tompkins Square Park; a cool place to lay on the grass in the shade from the hot summer days and enjoy the many sights and sounds of the locals. Cool doggie park too! The park is also home for many festivals, art shows and street fairs as well.

Speaking of sounds, lots of record shops in the east village like A-1, Good Records, Kims Video and many more for vinyl enthusiasts.

East Village is also known for its cheaper rents though they too are on the rise in this neighborhood. It’s apartments have long been a haven for the incoming influx of NYU students and other schools in the area; thus making it a young and lively neighborhood.

And if you love sweets, the place to go is Veniero’s which has been continuously owned & operated by the Veniero Family since 1894, in the same location! Yummy pastries and cakes, mmm yummy!, Google them up for the address!


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