Washington Square Park

If you’re in the “village” on a beautiful summer’s day, one cannot ignore a stroll through Washington Square park; one of New York City’s best known parks. There you will catch the locals and tourists alike, sun bathing and enjoying the park’s fountain area. Dog’s and owners share the fun with spectators at one of the many dog runs within the Park. I myself bring my pooch for a nice walk and enjoy the sounds of local musicians while relaxing on one of the many benches.

The park is surrounded by the NYU campus, thus making it a popular local haven for students and even teachers alike. In fact, the university rents the park for its graduation ceremonies and uses the Arch as its symbol.

The park dates back to 1826, and the arch was constructed as a dedication to our first president of the United States of America, George Washington. Washington Square has long been a hub for politics and culture in New York City. You can catch a demonstration or a rally there at any time. I remember attending one for marijuana back in 1992 🙂

The local area is filled with stores, restaurants and shops for all to enjoy. So hop on the Downtown Tour Bus stop #10, and walk on over to enjoy this beautiful park!


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