I remember back in 1988-1989, my late night excursions with friends into club land would take us deep into an area filled with warehouses, dark alleyways and cobbled stoned streets. You could hear the music pounding through large garage/factory doors with no signs of a legit establishment, but inside was another world filled with music, dancers and nightlife! This area is known as Tribeca.

Tribeca was a haven for short run parties and clubs; one of which closed in recent years known as vinyl. Vinyl held the best house parties in its 15 yr or so span like Shelter, body & Soul, NASA and many more. Unfortunately. like the rest of Tribeca, all these warehouses were converted into condo lofts. Goodbyeeeeee New York Night life!!! 😦

Tribeca still reflects much of old New York. You can see many of these old warehouses fully restored along side cobble stone streets. In the 60’s and 70’s just like Soho, it was home to striving and hungry artists due to the cheap rents in abandoned lofts and seclusion of lower Manhattan.

Now Tribeca has flourished with many new businesses though there are still lots of commercial spaces available. Even though its a highly residential area now, its still a trek to the nearest public transportation like subways; which means not too much street traffic just below Canal street. Tribeca is home to lots of great restaurants like Nobu for all the sushi lovers and many others. A nice hotel to stay at in the area is the Tribeca Grand which holds a great restaurant and bar with DJ’s. But for me, the best Tribeca has to offer are the many loft buildings built in the late 19th century. You can still catch a few loft buildings which haven’t been touched in ages and still embody the grand splendor of the 1960s and 70s when artists used to occupy them..old and rusty…I love’em 🙂 I always like to walk my dog around Tribeca and just look at the buildings.

For all the movie buffs, the Tribeca Film festival is currently happening, a yearly event since the 2002. This festival was started by none other than Robert Deniro who is a local resident and the purpose was to bring back vitality to the neighborhood after the 9/11 attacks. The festival is gaining in popularity year after year and is now an attraction for tourists and the local yokels.

So hop on the Downtown Tour bus, and hop off stop # 12 and walk west! Just get lost and wonder around Tribeca’s many cobbled stoned streets and views of beautiful loft buildings and warehouses.


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