The Brooklyn Bridge turns 125 years old this month and to commemorate its born day, fesitivities have been announced!

The city is getting ready to celebrate with an array of goodies including special bridge lighting, concerts and film series. The 5 day celebration kicks off May 22nd with a performance by none other than the Brooklyn Philharmonic (yeah we got one too!) at the Empire-Fulton Ferry State park in Brooklyn and a fire works show.

The Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park is a nine-acre waterfront park along the East River in Brooklyn located between the historic Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. You can just walk over the Great bridge and walk down to the park; matter of fact, you can see the park from the bridge on your left side (walking towards BK).

It’s a great area also known as DUMBO, full of old late 19th century warehouses and cool cobble stone streets. Well known for its artist spaces but the area is being transformed into condos and higher rent spaces for upper middle class.

Cool art galleries and chic boutiques are situated just around the bridge and one of my favorite record shops called Halcyon is a must see for cool music and vinyl heads.


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