Summer Stage in Central Park

Music + Free Concerts + Summer = Summer Stage in Central Park!

This years lineup includes a must see reunion of the 80’s alternative bands Sonic Youth and The Feelies. For the old school and Afro beat heads like moi, performances by Hip Hop Pioeneer Afrika Bambaataa, and Seun Kuti, son of the infamous Afro-beat master Fela Kuti, light up the stage on July 6th. And a special soul/disco performance by Issac Hayes ( We miss you chef!)

Since its inception back in 1986, Summerstage has given the park back to New Yorkers; back from a time when many feared even strolling into the park during the day, much less at night. Summerstage not only was started to revive the dismal park, but it was the start of a New City. Though New York may have lost its essence and grimy underground, it made up for it by being a safe place to live in. Though we miss the New York of old, one has to wonder, did we actually expect the big apple to rot away for ever?

For more info go to Great way to spend a weekend while touring New York City!


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