Sports Museum of America on CitySights NY

CitySights NY welcomes the Sports Museum of America to our home of great NYC attractions!

Sports Museum of America

The Sports Museum of America (SmA), located in Lower Manhattan, is the nation’s first and only museum to celebrate, under one roof, all of the sports Americans love. Created in exclusive partnership with more than 50 single-sport Halls of Fame, Museums, National Governing Bodies and other sports organizations from across North America; SmA is further distinguished by our Board of Trustees, which includes some of the most beloved and respected athletes in all of sports.

The Sports Museum includes:

  1. Interactive, multimedia experience connecting visitors to the sports through an intimate, multi-sensory environment.
  2. Memorabilia and iconic artifacts donated by single sports Halls of Fame, Museums, individual athletes and private sectors.
  3. 600 artifacts, 1,100 photos, 20 original films within 19 galleries.
  4. 2 dozen mechanical and computer interactive exhibits from stepping into a simulated NASCAR racetrack to feeling the pressure of an NFL official to make the correct call on the field on floor to ceiling screens.
  5. The museum is proud home to the legendary Heisman Trophy, college football’s top honor.
  6. Home to Billie Jean King International Women’s Sports Center, including the first ever hall of fame dedicated to women’s sports, the Women’s Sports Foundation International Women’s Sports Hall of Fame.
  7. The Sports Museum of America also features the SmA Store, an extensive retail area with over 4,000 square feet of exclusive sports merchandise and memorabilia.
  8. and so much more!

For more info go HERE


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