Swine flu NYC – Its perfectly safe!!

So all the hype in the media about the swine flu is making me sick! The news LOVE to emphasize bad news for ratings.  Just look at this fool Larry King;  a whole show dedicated to the swine flu.

Hello, here’s the 411, people die from the regular flu! It all depends on your body’s immune system. If you suffer from other ailments, its more probable that ANY flu can come down on you harder.  Which is why young and old people tend to get sicker because of weak immune systems.

Take it from me,  New York City is perfectly safe. While its good to give general information and even warnings on the “Swine flu”, the media just love to have a ball with it.

So if you’re planning to come to NYC but you’re scared, it is PERFECTLY SAFE!!!!. Just take the following precautions:

1. Always wash your hands when you get a chance, especially after riding the subways, grabbing lots of door handles, shaking hands etc. Especially before eating.

2. Do not rub or touch your eyes, nose or face for that matter if you haven’t washed your hands for some time.

3. Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing. If someone else sneezes or coughs in your direction and they don’t cover up, let them know! It’s also allergy season and it’s hitting hard this year, more so than other years. So don’t freak out if someone sneezes or coughs either. But its good manners to cover your face!

If you catch a flu, any flu, its always important to rest, eat healthy and sleep a lot. Your body heals its self when it sleeps.  I drink lots of water and I like to take 2 tylenols or advils every 4 hrs to bring down the fever and make my body sweat.  Take lozenges for sore throats and lots of hot lemon tea. Do not drink milk as it causes phlegm in the throat. I take a vitamin C pill every hour or so with a glass full of water. If you start coughing, go to a Dr. and get cough medicine. It will knock it out.

There are no cures for FLU, or for viruses. Just got to make the best of it and make yourself as comfy as possible to get over it 🙂


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