Some info about New York City, its counties and boroughs.

So i found this interesting and informative post on yahoo answers  on the  counties and boroughs that make up the city of New York.  I hope you find it interesting as did I. 🙂

Thanks to the poster Lisa for the information..


New York City, actually the correct name is “The City of New York”, was formed in 1898 with the merger of 5 counties, not 5 boroughs (the boroughs & counties are different) like most people think. The 5 Counties are: New York County, Kings County, Queens County, Bronx County, & Richmond County. All 5 counties combined make up The City of New York. Most people only know Manhattan, but its all 5 counties that make up The City of New York. The Suburbs would be Long Island, parts of Connecticut, Yonkers, New Jersey, etc.

New York County Includes –> The entire Borough of Manhattan plus Roosevelt Island, Randall’s Island, Ward’s Island, Governors Island, Liberty Island, Ellis Island, U Thant Island, and a small section of the borough of The Bronx.

Bronx County –> Almost the entire borough of The Bronx plus City Island, and Hart Island. By the way the county name is “Bronx”, the borough name is “The Bronx”

Queens County –> Largest of the 5 counties. All of the borough of Queens plus several Islands part of Gateway National Park.

Kings County –> Most Populated of the 5 counties. All of the Borough of Brooklyn, plus several small islands.

Richmond County –> The Least populated county. All of Staten Island plus The Isle of Meadows, Prall’s Island, Shooters Island, Swinburne Island, & Hoffman Island.

Basically The City of New York is set up like a small USA. You have 1 mayor for the entire city (kind of like the president). Each borough has a Borough President (kind of like a governor of a state). The Borough Presidents do not really have any power, they are basically just a figure head.

When you mail a letter to New York City, it will never get there if you addressed it New York City, NY LOL. You need to know where in NY it is going and each borough you address not only differently but some you go by county name, others borough name, others the neighborhood name.

So to mail a letter to Manhattan you would address it to either Manhattan, NY plus the zip or NY, NY plus the zip. NY, NY is more common. The NY, NY stand for the county name plus the state.

To mail a letter to The Bronx, you address it Bronx, NY plus the zip. For the Bronx you use the county name without the “The” in front of Bronx.

To mail a Letter to either Brooklyn or Staten Island you use the borough names, not the county names. So would be Brooklyn, NY NOT Kings, NY. The same for Staten Island would be Staten Island, NY not Richmond NY.

Now Queens is unique when mailing a letter. The reason being, before Queens became part of the City of New York, each of Queen’s neighborhoods were individual cities, and the custom of mailing to that city continued after Queens became part of NYC. So to mail to Queens you would address it to Flushing, NY, or White Stone, or whatever the neighborhood name is.

So to sum it up. NYC is configured differently than any other city in USA. Most US cities are configured this way: the state then the county and lastly the actual city. New York is completely different. It’s the state then the city then 5 counties then 5 boroughs then lastly 100’s of individual neighborhoods.

I know it’s confusing, but its just 1 huge city, the boroughs might be prideful to those who live in that borough, and each borough has its own charm, but its 1 city and it doesn’t matter if you live in mid town Manhattan or the outer parts of Queens and Staten Island that looks like the middle of a forest, it’s still 1 city.

Also, when you live in the area, when you hear people say they are going to “the city”, even if you are in Brooklyn when you hear that and you are in NYC, it means you are going to Manhattan. It’s an expression that started back in the 1800’s before there was a NYC. Also the reason it’s called “The Bronx” is in the 1600’s what’s now the borough was owned by a family called “Bronck” and people would say they were going to the Bronck’s to visit. As time went on the spelling changed from Bronck to Bronx, but the “The” remained, but only for the borough name you say “The” not the county name.


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  1. Thank you for a new good blog post. Where else can anybody get this kind of article in such a perfect way. I truthfully enjoyed reading it.

  2. It is inspirational post. Never knew that view could be this speckled. Thanks for all the devotion to offer such useful information here.

  3. Why did the counties/boroughs merge to become the entity of the CIty of New York? What person or persons had the grand vision of combining these areas?

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