How To Tip in NYC

Yesterday I received a comment from our friend Alison on Facebook about how to tip in NYC.

What a great question!

The first time I ever visited New York 5 years ago,  a nice man offered to show me how to get from the inside of Port Authority to the main street. As a native Floridian, I needed all of the help I could get! Just as I thanked him for helping and we were about to part ways, he held out his hand.


A tip for just showing a confused out-of-towner how to get to the main road?

I will admit I felt highly disappointed and uneasy after the incident.

Here’s my quick go-to guide for tipping in NYC:

  • Taxi’s: 15%, if they help you with your bag add $1
  • Hotel doorman: $1 per bag and $1 per person if they hail you a cab
  • Hotel concierge: Roughly $5 if they book you a tour, Broadway show, etc.
    • If they offer friendly advice or tips, you don’t need to.
  • Coat check: If it’s free, $1 per coat
  • Waiter/waitress: 15-20% + depending on service
    • If you have over 6 guests, tip 20%+
  • Coffee Shop: Tip $1+ if you received great service. Do not feel obligated though.
  • Bartender: $2-3+ per drink.
    • For mixed drinks, tip a little extra than you would a draft beer.
  • Tour Guide: Tip if you feel like you received excellent service. Depending on the tour, usually $2-5 per person in the party.

Please note that these tips are everything I’ve seen and learned throughout my past 3 months of living in NYC. Take these with a grain of salt and let me know if you have any suggestions!

Do you have any more tipping questions or helpful advice?

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