50 Cent Street King Bus in Times Square

September 14, 2011, 50 Cent rolled into Times Square on his own double-decker tour bus… The Street King Bus!

50 Cent announced to his fans Wednesday afternoon on Twitter that he’d be in Times Square in 30 minutes and sure enough, he was!

From the top-deck of the bus, 50 Cent promoted his new Energy Drink, Street King. All of the proceeds from his new drink go directly towards ending poverty and hunger in Africa.

His goal is to feed 1 Billion People in Africa. Pretty amazing, right?

You can learn more about his initiative here.

Music blasted from the top of the bus as it turned the corner towards Times Square and crowds quickly gathered when they learned that 50 Cent was on board.

The Street King Street Team, Models and 50 Cent himself passed out free samples of his new energy drink, t-shirts and hats to the excited fans below.


Click here to view more pictures from the event on our Facebook Album.


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