Things To Do During Spring in New York City

Spring has sprung extremely early here in New York City, but we’re secretly ready to shed our plexiglass roofs and bask in the generous sunshine.

With that, here are some helpful ideas for fun, springtime activities in our favorite city:

1. New York City Walking Tour

Sometimes the best way to soak up the city is just to hop-off the bus and stroll through its captivating streets. On a lovely spring morning, pop in this three hour Audio Guide for a relaxing, educational walk in Manhattan. Start with the 30 minute Central Park Tour that enters the Concrete Jungle’s 843-acres at Columbus Circle and eventually make your way downtown to the Financial District.

2. 90 Minute Midtown Cruise

You’ll definitely want to bring a camera, light jacket and sunglasses for this leisurely cruise in the New York Harbor. From the tour boat, you’ll get up close and personal with Lady Liberty and the gorgoes Manhattan Skyline all while learning historical facts about the fast-paced city. All aboard!

3. Uptown Treasures & Harlem Tour

When I think springtime, blooming flowers, lush green wildlife and lively families are the first things that come to mind. Although New York’s vibrant flowers don’t bloom until late April to early May, The Uptown Tour that circles Central Park still provides a great view of the well-kept wildlife that graces northern Manhattan. Making your way through Harlem, Spanish Harlem and the Upper East Side, you’ll view the most popular areas that urban-dwelling families call home.

What’s your favorite way to spend springtime in NYC?


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