What’s Cool: Dining in the Dark

image via camaje.com

Here at CitySights New York, we like things that are cool.  We also like things in New York.  So cool things in New York.. They’re the best.

More importantly, our goal is to show you how cool New York really is, whether it’s while riding on one of our famous bus tours, or while reading about it on our blog.  That is why we are starting a new series every Friday called What’s Cool, where we will tell you, well, you guessed it: something that’s pretty cool in New York City.  Get ready for the weekend because here’s what’s cool:

The aesthetics of your plate at a fine dining restaurant is almost as important as the taste of the food.  Master Chefs work hours on designing new layouts for meals and culinary schools teach full classes on the subject.  But what if it didn’t matter?  What if you couldn’t even see what’s in front of you?

A few restaurants in The Big Apple have taken this idea and run with it.  When you can’t see anything, you have to rely heavily on your other senses.  Dining in the dark takes your sight away and heightens those other senses, including taste and smell.  It forces you to slow down while you eat and fully appreciate your meal.  Throw in some fine wines and dining in the dark becomes a truly savory experience.

Camaje is a regular restaurant that offers dark dining experiences on scheduled dates.  Check out their website to find out how you can take part in one of their blindfolded dinners:

“There was a hesitancy that was wonderful,” says 31-year-old Jonathan M. “Paying attention to the way the hand slowly met the glass, the way the food slowly took on shape and identity in the mouth. It was such a wonderful exercise in being in the moment.” (via Camaje Website)

Dans le Noir? brings you into a completely dark room where you will be served by blind people, reversing your point of view.

It is a social experience, in which the darkness protects you from your inhibitions and frees you to experience relationships and interactions without prejudice or preconception. (via Dans le Noir Website)

Well, that’s what’s cool today.  Check back next Friday to find some more cool things in New York City.


2 thoughts on “What’s Cool: Dining in the Dark

  1. Is dinging in the dark the same as dining in the dark? You should proofread especially the title to your blog! Notwithstanding, I’m looking to try this popular new activity.

    • ahh! Well thank goodness this was written on a computer and not in stone! An early morning rush will always leave us looking over our mistakes come afternoon. Thank you for the spot and yes, I too hope to give this a try.

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