What’s Cool: Free Screenings

Here at CitySights New York, we like things that are cool.  We also like things in New York.  So cool things in New York.. They’re the best.

More importantly, our goal is to show you how cool New York really is, whether it’s while riding on one of our famous bus tours, or while reading about it on our blog.  That is why every Friday we bring you ‘What’s Cool’, where we will tell you, well, you guessed it: something that’s pretty cool in New York City.  Get ready for the weekend because here’s what’s cool:

The Goonies. Tonight. Free.

It’s no secret that New York is an expensive city to visit.  Hotels, transportation, meals; things just cost more in Manhattan.  That’s why when I heard about the free screenings at the Tribeca Film Festival this year, I got very excited.  I know I’ve already touched on this briefly, but this is so cool that it needed its own blog post.

Going to the movies has become one of America’s more unjustifiably expensive experiences ($12 for a ticket and another $6.50 for popcorn? No thanks) and film festivals don’t make it any easier on the wallet.  The fact that Tribeca doesn’t already jack up the prices is commendable, but offering free screenings; that’s downright awesome!  This let’s those of us who are in town and on a tight budget still enjoy one of the world’s greatest film festivals, and I couldn’t be happier.

The best part is that Tribeca isn’t just throwing out the boring, no-one-cares movies or Tuesday afternoon matinees for free.  Some of the most interesting films made can be seen at no charge, during the heart of the festival.  Personally, as a lover of documentaries and a huge baseball fan, the film I’m most excited about seeing it Knuckleball.  It will be showing at the Tribeca Drive-In tomorrow (Saturday) night, free.  In the mood for a classic? (Well, a classic for anyone under 30) The Goonies is showing tonight at the Tribeca Drive-In, free.

As you may know, Tribeca is more than just movies.  The festival also hosts events, panels, discussions and more, many of which are also free!  If you’re going to be in town over the next week, check Tribeca’s free page, and also look at the full event calendar for the festival.  You won’t regret it.

(Editor’s Note: So this is two consecutive posts about the Tribeca Film Festival.. There are other things going on in NYC this week, but I’m a movie nerd and my true colors are showing.  The next post will be about something else, I promise! – Kevin)


2 thoughts on “What’s Cool: Free Screenings

  1. So I won’t be in NYC until next weekend (Never Ending Story time maybe!) but this is awesome, and if I were there tonight I’d totally go! “Goonies never say die!”

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