Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Today, William Shakespeare would have turned 448 years old if he were still alive.  Here are some ways you can celebrate:

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Stroll Down Literary Walk:

Literary Walk cuts through The Mall in Central Park, and might be the most beautiful place in New York City.  It is such a peaceful, relaxing place and at the south end has a statue of William Shakespeare to honor his greatness in literature.

Plan a date for Shakespeare in the Park

I would say book your tickets, but as you probably know Shakespeare in the Park is FREE!  It is also tough to plan a date to actually go since all tickets are distributed the day of the show through a lottery system, but you can get excited for it.

Visit the Delacorte Theater

The Delacorte Theater can be found in Central Park and is home to Shakespeare in the Park.  Since you cannot really book your tickets yet, you might as well see the beautiful gardens that surround the theater.

Are you going to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday?  Share in the comments section your plans or if you’re going to Shakespeare in the Park this year.


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