Game 7 or the NFL Draft?

You have to watch Game 7, Right? Right?

Tonight New York City is faced with a dilemma.  Three of the city’s sports teams will participate in one of each team’s most important days of the season.  The Rangers face Game 7 against the Senators.  Win or go home.  Tonight might be the final game of the season or it might just be one more stepping stone toward hoisting the Cup.

The Giants are looking toward the future tonight.  As Super Bowl Champions, they have the 32nd pick in the first round.  The Jets are trying to recover from a rough year.  After signing Tim Tebow in the offseason, they are once again the team making all the headlines.  They will have the 16th selection in the Draft.

So the question is: Which event do you watch/go to?

Game 7 at The Garden or NFL Draft at Radio City?

Atmosphere around Radio City Music Hall is electric.  A swarm of media have already descended and the draft doesn’t even start for 4 more hours.  Yesterday fans waited hours lining up to get wristbands for admittance.  Today they had to do it all over again, lining up, with their wristbands, to be the first people in the concert hall.  I asked the Lawrence Taylor jersey-wearing kid, who was at the front of the line, how long he had been there.  “Since 8 a.m.” he responded.

Eagles Fan being interviewed

Madison Square Garden is a little more subdued than its uptown friend.  Seating isn’t set on a first-come first-served basis, so fans don’t need to line up at all hours of the morning just for a good view.  They do, however, have to shell out the big bucks to enjoy the game.  Where the NFL Draft is free, Game 7 can cost an arm and a leg.  I spoke with a group of guys who were “definitely not selling tickets” and they told me that the cheapest resale is going for $300.  The closer to game time, the higher the scalped price will be, they informed me.

This Is New York Hockey

So which is it?  Would you rather spend upwards of $300 for game 7 or the better part of 2 days for the NFL Draft?

I, personally, will find a nice stool at the corner bar and watch it all at the same time!


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