How to Spend Mother’s Day in NYC

If you’re in New York City this weekend and are looking for a way to spend Mother’s Day, look no further.  We’ve come up with a few fun ideas to treat your mom like the special woman she is:

click to enlarge

Central Park Carriage Ride: There’s something Cinderellian about taking a carriage ride through Central Park, and every girl wants to feel like a princess.  Remember that time you were so sick you had to miss school, and your mom was there to take care of you?  It’s time to return the favor.

VIP New York Private Tour:  She took you to the movies, drove you to your friend’s house and picked you up from soccer practice so many times that you’ve lost count.  On Sunday, show her The City in class and style with VIP treatment.

Dinner at Per Se: Your mom has given you the best advice you’ve ever learned, and that’s probably a fact.  Now, you’re using her wisdom to make lots of money at that great job you have, so cap off your night with the nicest restaurant in New York, she deserves it.

Have other plans? Share in the comments how you plan on celebrating your mother this Sunday.


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