Where to Watch the Rangers in NYC

Will the real Cup see Times Square this year?

Editor’s Note: This post was originally written in preparation for the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals vs the NJ Devils. While that may not have gone so well, we still recommend these three sports bars for watching all things Rangers. The Blueshirts begin their playoff run for the 2013 Cup on May 2nd against the Washington Capitals.

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that Rangers Hockey was cool?  Well, tonight it hits a whole new level of intensity as the Blueshirts begin their series with their arch rival, the New Jersey Devils.  These two teams have some history in the Eastern Conference Finals, and in 1994 their battle was epic:

This season in particular has been extra fierce for some reason.  These teams have always not liked each other, but this season it has turned to full blown hate.  Their last meeting on March 19th began unlike any other game I’ve ever seen.  After only three seconds of sharing the ice, three separate fights broke out:

Tonight is game one, and The Garden will be rocking.  The only problem is that right now, the cheapest tickets on Stubhub are $150, and that’s for the nose bleeds (the entire series in both NY and NJ was sold out within hours of tickets going on sale, so secondary ticketing sites are your only remaining option).

The next best thing to being at the game is watching the game surrounded by fellow fans, and I happen to know a few places where you can enjoy such an atmosphere.  Without further ado, here are three of the best places in NYC to watch the Rangers go to war with the Devils:

The Flying Puck

The Flying Puck is only half a block away from Madison Square Garden, so the environment is guaranteed to be electric.  They have huge plasma TVs throughout the bar and bartenders at the top of their game.  In recent weeks, the fans here have raised the bar with songs and chants being sung throughout the night, as if you we actually at the game.

The Blarney Rock

This Irish Pub is packed with Rangers fans during games in October, so tonight, and the rest of this series, will be awesome.  The food is so-so, but the drink prices are usually good and the game will be on basically every TV, so you can’t really go wrong.


Located right next to the Blarney Rock, Stout is another MSG area bar that will have a great atmosphere.  It’s typically a bit less crowded than The Flying Puck during hockey games, but I have a feeling that all three of these places will be packed for the rest of the postseason.

All three of these places are within a block of Madison Square Garden, which is where the party will be for the next two weeks.  The most important thing about these bars is that all three will have the sound on, which any hockey fan will tell you is very uncommon for sports bars.  Tonight, I think I’ll be down at The Flying Puck, but I can’t tell you for sure.  One thing that I do know is if you are looking for a place to go, have a nice dinner and listen to music with your family, these are not the places for you tonight.


2 thoughts on “Where to Watch the Rangers in NYC

  1. Warren77 in Tribeca, owned by a couple Rangers always a huge showing for games

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