What’s Cool: The Roaring Twenties

Here at CitySights New York, we like things that are cool.  We also like things in New York.  So cool things in New York.. They’re the best.

More importantly, our goal is to show you how cool New York really is, whether it’s while riding on one of our famous bus tours, or while reading about it on our blog.  That is why every Friday we bring you ‘What’s Cool’, where we will tell you, well, you guessed it: something that’s pretty cool in New York City.  Get ready for the weekend because here’s what’s cool:

If you haven’t seen The Great Gatsby trailer with Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire, let’s set the mood for the rest of the post by watching it (If you have seen it, watch it again, it’s great):

The 1920’s were a different time in New York, and boy does it look like fun.  Being a Gatsby fan myself, I’ve always been interested in this decade where everything seemed to be on the rise.  The buildings, the parties, the optimism- No one had a care in the world!  What a time it must have been.  Now, hoards of 20-somethings flock to the over packed bars with the best drink specials because they can’t afford anything else.  People are so worried about their financial future that fun has taken a back seat.

Not this weekend.  On Saturday and Sunday, go back to the Roaring 20’s and live carefree again!  The 7th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party is coming back to Governors Island and it is sure to be a blast from the past.  Dust off your old zoot suit (if you happen to have one) and bring your dancing shoes because the jazz will be abound.

The party goes from 11-5 and is just $15 for admission.  Very Cool.


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