What’s Cool: Summer Streets

photo: nyc.gov

Here at CitySights New York, we like things that are cool.  We also like things in New York.  So cool things in New York.. They’re the best.

More importantly, our goal is to show you how cool New York really is, whether it’s while riding on one of our famous bus tours, or while reading about it on our blog.  That is why every Friday we bring you ‘What’s Cool’, where we will tell you, well, you guessed it: something that’s pretty cool in New York City.  Get ready for the weekend because here’s what’s cool:

Mayor Bloomberg wants NYC to be healthy.  Between blocking out trans-fat and the proposed soda ban, this much is obvious.  However the New York City government isn’t just about keeping bad food away from its citizens.  They also want people to get out and exercise.

That’s why we think the Summer Streets program is so cool.  Unlike other cities, our mayor doesn’t just say he wants a healthier community.  No, he’ll shut down one of the busiest streets in the world for the day so that we can do yoga on Park Ave.

This Saturday, and each of the first three Saturdays of the month, 7 miles of Manhattan street will be closed to traffic so that we can ride our bikes, go for a run and have fun in the middle of the road.  This weekend, get outside and enjoy the fresh air!  Summer Streets is very cool.


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