3 Places in NYC That Are “Actually” Haunted


Halloween is little more than a week away and you’ve probably already began making your plans.  You know which haunted houses you want to go to and have some activities planned for the whole family, but now it’s time to get even creepier.  Yeah, haunted houses are scary, but what about places that are actually haunted?  Places where ghosts have really been sighted in NYC?  Do you dare pay these places a visit?

The Dakota

The world famous apartment building is known for being the home, and the death place, of John Lennon.  The former Beatle was shot outside the door in 1980, but he is not the ghost who supposedly haunts the grounds.  It’s two turn of the century children who have been spotted by guests and workers at the Dakota.  If you want to stop by and see for yourself, hop-off the uptown tour, where this NYC treasure has its own stop.

Algonquin Hotel

In the early 1920’s, the Algonquin Hotel became the meeting spot for a group of writers known as the Round Table Group.  They would meet and eat lunch every day, and some say that they haven’t stopped.  People claim to still see the group hanging around the hotel to this day.  If you want to join a few ghosts for lunch at the round table, hop-off in Times Square and walk over to 6th Avenue.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is Greenwich Village’s most popular hangout spot for lazy afternoons.  Tourists, locals and NYU students alike will gather with their lattes and relax in the shade of one of the many large trees that the park offers.  This sounds like my typical Saturday morning, But 200 years ago I probably wouldn’t be bringing my Starbucks there.  That’s because it was being used as a Native American burial ground when the yellow fever epidemic broke out.  Still to this day, 20,000 bodies are buried under the park.  To visit this famed (and beautiful) haunted park, hop-off the downtown tour at our Greenwich Village stop.

So, what do you think, haunted or just myth?  What NYC landmarks have you heard to be haunted?  Tell us in the comments!

(Editor’s Note: I can neither confirm, nor deny that any of these places are actually haunted.  I have never seen a ghost, nor have I ever been able to prove that there aren’t any ghosts at any of these locations.  I can only report the urban legends as they have been told to me.)


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