Tonight is 121212: The Concert for Sandy Relief

South Ferry, under water

South Ferry station, under water water after Hurricane Sandy

In Late October, Hurricane Sandy struck New York City with a force unlike any storm we have ever seen.  We prepared for the winds, we prepared for flooding, but we were not ready for 8 feet of water to surge through our streets.  We were not ready for our homes to be washed away.

In the days following the storm, I walked from my Brooklyn apartment to the CitySights NY corporate in Times Square.  Downtown Manhattan was accompanied by the eeriest feeling; one that I will not quickly forget.  The City was closed, and they didn’t even see the worst of it.

New York City has since come together unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  We’ve traveled out to Staten Island and the Rockaways to help those who were hit the hardest.  We’ve raised millions (I repeat, millions) of dollars in an effort to return to normalcy.  Tonight, we take one more step in the right direction when the world’s biggest stars will come together in Madison Square Garden to put on a show.

If you can, find some time tonight, wherever you are, to watch 121212: The Concert for Sandy Relief.  If you are further inclined, pick up the phone and make a donation.  The holiday season is one that most of us take for granted, but this year thousands of people still remain homeless.  They can use our help.

The best part about living, and working, and operating our services in New York City, is knowing that we are always there for each other.  People often think that it’s the tall buildings and bright lights that make New York the greatest city in the world, but it’s not.  It’s the people; the people who have come together and the people who have lost it all.

For more information about the show, or to donate, visit

Photo Credit: Flickr / MTAPhotos


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