Hop-off spots of the year


Rockefeller Center came in at #4

Rockefeller Center came in at #4

2012 has come and (is almost) gone, and what a year it has been.  Without further ado, let’s count down the 10 best places to hop-off our double-decker tours in the year that was:

10. Metropolitan Museum of Art

In September, huge news came out that the Met was planning on opening up 7 days a week.  Since 1975, the Met has closed one day each week to save on operating costs, but talk about this extra day (which is expected to begin next May) is enough to get stop #13 on the Uptown Tour in the top 10.

9. Empire State Building

Always one of our favorite hop-off locations, the Empire State Building cracked the top ten in 2012.  This year, the most famous building in the world flaunted its interactive side, for by changing the color of the lights in real time as the presidential election results poured in, and also during the buildings inaugural light show.

8. Central Park Zoo

The Central Park Zoo isn’t just on the list because we love the zoo (we do, by the way).  On the other side of the Zoo in the park is where SummerStage is held, and in 2012 they blew the figurative roof off.  We’re so excited for next year’s SummerStage lineup that the Central Park Zoo comes in at 7.

7. Battery Park

Battery Park was hit hard during Hurricane Sandy, but it is back on its feet.  That kind of resilience, plus the fact that the Statue of Liberty reopened (only for a day or so, but we’ll count it) has earned it #5 on the list.

6. City Hall

The Giants marched down the Canyon of Heroes this year which makes City Hall worthy enough.  But this is also the closest stop to the Brooklyn Bridge, and I don’t have to tell you how big of a year it’s been for Brooklyn.

5. East Village

The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2012!

The Giants won the Super Bowl in 2012!

The East Village is always one of our trendiest hop-off spots on the Downtown Tour, not to mention that the village was another stop victimized by Hurricane Sandy and is still in the process of rebuilding.  It is one of the most fun places to just hang out in New York City and has come in at #5 on our list in 2012.

4. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is another one of those hop-off spots that it’s hard to keep off of the list.  You can go to the Top of the Rock, the shopping is fantastic, Radio City Music Hall has some of the best shows in the city, The Tree is NYC’s biggest attraction this time of year, and Rockefeller Plaza is constantly the host of fantastic events all year long.  The perfect example is their presidential election coverage which featured Democracy Plaza.

3. South Street Seaport

Like Battery Park, the South Street Seaport was also blasted by Hurricane Sandy.  It took a while, but Pier 17 has since reopened.  Before the hurricane came, and before the community came together, the South Street Seaport was already making a push for the top spot on this year’s ranking.  Parked! Food Truck Festival was one of our favorite events of the year.  Every holiday South Street Seaport host some of the best family friendly events in town.  I haven’t even mentioned the everyday food and drinks and shopping the seaport has to offer.

2. The Apollo

Few would consider The Apollo Theater to be a small venue, but when you’re selling out Madison Square Garden seconds after the box office opens, that’s exactly what it is.  Despite being the most popular act in the world, Justin Bieber made sure to make a stop at the world famous theater in 2012.  As did Bruce Springsteen.  As did Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto.  Oh, and a guy named Barack Obama even sang a verse on stage at the Apollo in 2012.  And with all of the popularity the venue has seen, they still featured Amateur Night every week.  That is why we truly love this spot

1. Times Square

A 21-foot Stanley Cup Came to Times Square for the Rangers remarkable playoff run.

A 21-foot Stanley Cup Came to Times Square for the Rangers remarkable playoff run.

We hold Times Square to a tough standard here because every day there is something awesome going on.  Despite that, it is impossible not to give the crossroads of the world the honor of being our hop-off spot of the year.  We landed on Mars there, we elected our president there, we brought the Stanley Cup there, we laughed there, we smiled there, and we took about a billion pictures there.  Times Square had to be #1 in 2012.

To see all of these spots and more, check out the All Around Town Tour and tell us what your top 10 would have been!


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