Will Mike Piazza be in the 2013 Hall of Fame Class?

Double Day - Darren LoPrinzi

It’s that time of year again when the Baseball Writers of America get to decide who makes it in to the prestigious Hall of Fame, and who is left out.  The votes have been cast and tallied and on Wednesday, the announcement will be made as to who is going to Cooperstown.

This year’s Hall of Fame class is a bit more popular than those prior.  That’s because a slew of MLB’s most controversial players were included on the ballot for the first time, including Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemons.  All three of these players have earned a first ballot HOF nod, however questions about performance enhancing drugs have tainted their legacy.  So who will make it?

My guess (not even a very educated guess, so don’t make fun of me when I’m wrong) is that only two players will earn the 75% of votes needed to get into the Hall:

The Houston Astros Craig Biggio and the New York Mets very own Mike Piazza.

Both players are on the ballot for the first time and it would certainly be a treat for the spiraling Mets organization to see one of their sons make it into the Hall of Fame.  This unfortunately leaves off a couple of other New York legends, specifically Yankees Roger Clemons, Bernie Williams and Don Mattingly.

We will see on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Flickr / Darren LoPrinzi


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