The 2013 Big East Tournament is the last of its kind

big east

Basketball purists will tell you that we have reached the greatest time of year: March. The college basketball regular season has ended and now all we have left are the tournaments, and the madness.

One of the greatest traditions of Madison Square Garden is the Big East Tournament, which takes place every March pitting all 14* teams in the conference against each other. Year in, year out, NYC plays host to the greatest stretch of games in the country. 5 straight days of madness. It’s all any college hoops fan could ask for.

But this year that tradition comes to an end. With conference realignment being the latest trend in college sports, the Big East is falling apart as we know it. 2013 is our last chance to enjoy the greatest conference tournament in the game.


This year’s Big East Tournament begins on Tuesday, March 12, with the championship being played on Saturday, March 16.


Hop off our bus at the Macy’s/Madison Square Garden stop to check out the tournament. Every game will be played in the World’s Most Famous Arena.


If you want to see the tournament live from The Garden (an experience that every college basketball fan should have the pleasure of doing before they die) tickets are being resold on StubHub for as little as $2 for the first session (2 games), to as much as $20,000 for courtside seats to all of the 13 games.

Who to Watch For:

This year’s favorites are Louisville and Georgetown, however you always have to watch out for Syracuse and Pitt, who have both seen great success in recent years. A good longshot pick is Rutgers, who would have to win 5 games to take the crown.

This year’s tournament will be mark the end of an era. Hopefully you get a chance to partake in the festivities.

*UConn would be the 15th team to play in the tournament, but they are on academic probation and ineligible to play this year.

Photo Credit: Flickr / quincyroberts


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