March Madness in New York

basketball nyc

Many a sports fan will agree that the greatest day on the athletic calendar is a Thursday in March. It’s typically the third Thursday of the month that reigns holier than others, which as it turns out, is today. No champion is crowned today, but dreams certainly will be dashed. Today begins March Madness.

What makes today so special is that it is the start of a four day stretch which will feature the best college basketball teams in the country playing a total of 96 games. It also pins the best of the best teams in the country against teams that never get a shot at the big schools, with the season ending for the team that loses. Madness ensues.

This year, our proud state is responsible for four of the 68 teams that are “dancing” in the tournament. While the best excitement begins today, a few games actually started on Tuesday, and Long Island University – Brooklyn has already been knocked out.

The three remaining New York teams are Albany, who will play powerhouse Duke tomorrow, Iona, who will play powerhouse Ohio State tomorrow, and Syracuse, who many would consider a powerhouse themselves, will play Montana tonight at 9:57 p.m.

In all likelihood, New York will be down to only one team by this weekend: Syracuse. But that shouldn’t take away from the fact that only California and North Carolina had more teams in the madness than New York, a state definitely not known for college sports. Keep up the good work, New York schools. We’re all proud of you!

Fun Note: Today at 3:30 p.m. our sister company Gray Line New York will host their weekly chat on twitter, #GLNYchat. This week’s chat is about college basketball and NYC and they’re giving away an autographed basketball to one of the participants. So join in!

Photo Credit: Flickr / Jules Antonio


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