Spring in NYC

bryant park

Holy warm weather, Batman!

Have you been outside today? The skies are as blue as can be, the sun is out shining bright, and there is not a seat to be found anywhere in Bryant Park during lunch.

Spring has been here for a couple of weeks, but as of today, we can finally say that spring has caught up with the calendar. The tops are coming off our buses and our passengers are leaving their coats at home. Flowers are blooming all around the city streets. The parks have grass as green as can be. It is the most beautiful time of year in NYC!

If you’re out and about, looking for something fun to do on this beautiful day (or as the weather channel suggests, beautiful week), join us on a tour through Manhattan, or The Bronx, or Brooklyn! Or don’t! It’s your call! But whatever you do, don’t waste this perfect day inside. Perfection and weather typically don’t mix in NYC.


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