Tribeca Film Festival: More Than Just Movies

The Tribeca Film Festival is back in NYC next week, which mean some of the best feature length and short films will be screened in theaters throughout Lower Manhattan. Some will be world premieres; others will be classics making a comeback. It is one of the best events in New York City each year and comes highly recommended by us writing for you at CitySights NY.

But what people often don’t realize (and don’t take advantage of) is that the Tribeca Film Festival is so much more than just a bunch of independent films being shown in NYC for two weeks. In fact, here are a few series being put on by the TFF – some that you can even enjoy from your computer – that you should check out.

Who’s in Line

A photo series capturing the people who come out to the rush lines to see the films


Filmmakers share the story of how they turned their project into an actual film, and into the Tribeca Film Festival

One For Me / One For Them

A look into the balancing act of working creative genius and commercial relevance into the films

Story Behind the Scene

Filmmakers share the story behind one of the scenes in their film

Future of Film

Converse with filmmakers and others from inside the industry about all things film, technology, and what’s next

Tribeca Talks

Live conversations with actors, directors, producers, filmmakers, and anyone else with something interesting to say

There are more series, so check out their website to find your favorite. The Tribeca Film Festival will begin on April 17 and run through April 28.

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