3 Must-See Underrated Places in NYC

nuyorican poets cafe

Whether you live in New York or not there are many places that even New Yorkers aren’t aware about. Tired of hearing about the same destinations in NYC? Well, we came up with a few under the radar places that you might find interesting especially if you are into the arts, international food, and fun!

Nuyorican Café

Lyrics. Literature. Hip Hop. Jazz. Poetry. Diversity.

This is one of my favorite places to listen to spoken word! This cozy café is perfect for any date or random night out with your friends or family. It’s only $7, and you can watch anyone recite a poem for competition every Wednesday. If you like poetry you will love this place and even walk out being inspired to come back and share some of your own!

Amy Ruth’s

If you never had soul food before, or want to get experience a typical night in Harlem, check out the heaven of soul food on 116th Street! You might even see a celebrity walk in, because it is known for its great food with decent prices to match and meals named after notable leaders. Listen to some great music while eating style southern cuisine in Harlem!

5 Pointz Aerosol Art Center

Who said graffiti wasn’t art? If you always liked catching spray painted walls and love pictures of meaningful art what better place is there to go to than an outdoor graffiti museum for free! Come to Queens and check it out from artists all over the world.

Photo Credit: Flickr / celebdu


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