Top Places to Watch Free Summer Outdoor Films in NYC

outdoor movies nyc 2013

I’m sure you saw the typical movie scene where the couple on the date was watching a movie outside from their car. Then you thought to yourself, I would like to try that one day. Believe it or not there are many places to watch outdoor films for free this summer in New York City! We came up with some of our favorite places that you might like to choose from for the family, friends, and of course your dream date at sunset.

South Street Seaport

What’s better than being able to shop, eat great food, listen to live music, and still being able to watch a film for free! Pick any Wednesday starting July 10th and watch movies like Ice Age, Ghostbusters, Finding Nemo, Star Trek, Young Frankenstein, and more all summer long!

HBO Bryant Park Summer Film Festival

Are you into classic films? Then you should check out the free films at Bryant Park every Monday. Grab a friend and a blanket and come at 5:00pm for a good spot and then enjoy your film at sunset.

Central Park Conservancy Film Festival

Free popcorn, free movie, and a free romantic date? Central Park Conservancy Film Festival starts August 22nd to August 26th and each day features a different genre such as classics, family, romantic comedy, horror, and adventure. The gates open at 6:30pm and your film will start at 8pm.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Swing by Brooklyn Bridge Park for one of the best views in NYC and all the SyFy you can handle this summer. Every Thursday at sundown beginning July 11th, SyFy will host one of our favorite movie night in the city.

So where are you going to watch movies this summer? What films are you excited to see?


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