NYC’s Best Stand-Up Comedy Clubs


Who doesn’t want a good laugh? New York City has a number of comedy clubs that you would love if you enjoy watching comedy stand ups. Comedy clubs are great for the summer and let’s not forget you can bring your date along and laugh the night away. We love New York and love to laugh so we came up with a few comedy clubs in NYC that you should check out.

Gotham Comedy Club

This place is known to have a stage of history where some of the biggest names in the business began their career. Almost every comedian wants to perform here, so you know its guarantee to have you laughing non-stop!

Comedy Cellar

On any given night you might see a celebrity stroll in Comedy Cellar! This is another great comedy club to come with friends and catch famous comics entertain. If you want to catch a late show its open until 2:30 am every night in the heart of Greenwich Village.


Take your date to one of NYC’s best stand-up comedy night clubs! Located in the heart of Times Square, Caroline’s is known as a landmark. Legendary comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Billy Crystal, Jay Leno and more has graced the stage and helped make it into what it is today. I heard their fries are delicious too!

Upright Citizens Brigade

Come laugh until you cry at UCB, especially if you want to only spend about $5. Just remember to get there early before the line goes around the block outside!

The Duplex

Get ready to laugh at the legendary Duplex. This place is known for showcasing promising talent who tries out their new material.

Comic Strip Live Comedy

If you love stand-ups this place might sound familiar. Comic Strip is known as the most booked club in New York City. It’s also where Eddie Murphy discovered Chris Rock, how cool is that!

Think you’re your funny?  Bring a friend and try some stand-up comedy classes at Caroline’s school of Comedy and Gotham Comedy Club. Take a chance and share some funny stories with us!


Photo Credit: Flickr / Affiliate


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