Summer Fun: How to Enjoy the Waterfront

Battery Park PF

Although the city life is exciting for all of us, this summer it would be nice to explore all of what New York City has to offer. Imagine a typical hot day with your friends feeling a natural breeze by the waterfront while enjoying food, yes, in New York!  While some areas in NYC are overcrowded because of their popular names, check out some waterfront parks to walk, chew and chat, kayak, and even watch sunsets this summer.

Believe it or not, even New Yorkers are unfamiliar with these getaways. Right in Battery Park City, head towards the World Financial Center where you will see the waterfront facing New York Harbor. Not only can you choose from a number of outdoor restaurants and food trucks, but right inside you can catch musical, dance, visual art, film, and theater performances in Brookfield Plaza inside the World Financial Center.  Grab a taco or hotdog and walk along the harbor while watching a stunning view of Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty.

Or if you’re in Brooklyn, The East River State Park is another great waterfront park right in the neighborhood of Williamsburg. No, to answer your question, it’s not just an amazing view of Manhattan skyline; I’ve seen some people come here to fly kites, picnic with friends and family, too. What’s better than being able to read a good book and take in the expansive waterfront views?  After you leave the park, check out the Brooklyn Flea next door and shop at hundreds of vendors of vintage clothing, antique furniture, and let’s not forget delicious, fresh food!

Tell us some of the waterfront parks that you plan on going to this summer.


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