Harlem Week in NYC!


One word, Harlem! If you never been, be ready to be amazed with the unique and diverse essence that you will experience during Harlem Week. People all over the world in all ages and cultures can’t wait until July and August just to see what Harlem has to offer. Harlem Week is definitely something not to miss especially not with over 100 events to attend! There’s so much to choose from whether it’s the outdoor and indoor music concerts or the adult and children’s fashion shows.

Harlem Week has events for everyone! You will love the film festivals, The Upper Manhattan Auto Show, sporting events, career fairs, and more. But Harlem Week wouldn’t be as fun if you don’t stop at any of their vendors which are my favorite! Even if you don’t attend any of these events you will be in awe by Harlem’s uniqueness of the history, culture, arts, entertainment, and sports.

Oh, and not to worry the kids will be having their own fun at the youth programs and activities such as storytelling, performances showcasing tap dancers, dance troupes, hip hop, theater, poetry, arts & crafts, and more. It will definitely make your summer complete; after all, what’s New York City without the great Harlem?

This year’s Harlem Week begins on July 28 and runs until August 24

Photo Credit: Flickr/ dantekgeek


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