Urban Lawn Party This Saturday in Greenwich Village

via urbanlawnparty.com

via urbanlawnparty.com

This Saturday we will be heading downtown with one of our CitySights NY double-decker buses to hang out with the businesses of the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce at their Urban Lawn Party, and you should come, too!

Whether you’re coming to the city for the first time or just want to get to know the local small businesses a little better, the Urban Lawn Party will be the perfect afternoon. There will be food, music, performances, puppies, yoga classes and much more. We will be opening the doors to the top deck to serve as an Instagram station since we are firm believers in “pics or it didn’t happen.” This way you can brag to your internet friends about how awesome of a day you’re having while they sit inside at their computers wondering what they’re doing with their lives.

So come on out this Saturday from 11-5 on Charlton Street between 6th and Varick, bring your cameras, and don’t forget to always use the hashtag #UrbanLawnParty!


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