Is the Statue of Liberty Open With the Government Shutdown?

government shutdown

UPDATE #2: The Federal Government has funded itself again! Everything is once again open for business!

UPDATE: Yes, the Statue of Liberty has reopened on the State’s dime after 12 days of being shutdown, but only through October 18. 

As you may have heard, the United States Government has shutdown. This ultimately does sound way scarier than it actually is, but it still does have some effects on your potential vacation. Here are some of the things that will result because of our government’s inability to pass a budget:

  • Airports will remain open
  • The TSA will continue security checks, however “nonessential personnel” have been furloughed, so  arrive early and expect delays
  • The Statue of Liberty is closed because of the government shutdown, as are all of NY’s 22 national parks (if you bought a Statue ticket from us, you can redeem it for a midtown cruise during the shutdown)
  •  The Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and the National Museum of the American Indian are closed
  • It is going to be difficult to get a last minute passport if you’re traveling internationally. This will only affect you if you’re leaving the country, but still worth noting

Can you think of any other problems in NYC because of the shutdown? The good news is that our bus tours will still be open, so hop-on!


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