Top Halloween Attractions in NYC


If you’re looking for scares this Halloween season here is a list of places in NYC that might fit the bill:

Headless Horseman Hayrides and Haunted Houses

Named the number one haunted attraction in America, this haunted house is located in Ulster Park. The property covers over 45 acres of land that include woods, ponds orchards and more.  The attraction includes a one mile hayride, a corn maze, seven professionally created haunted houses that you can walk through, four food concession stands and five gift shops.

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse

At this haunted house you will traverse through a nightmarish maze that is occupied by a government agency staff and their rotting victims’ bodily fluids. This is a truly exciting attraction that has you uncovering government secrets while scaring you at the same time.

Blood Manor

Blood Manor is another of New York City’s haunted attraction.  The Blood Manor is a haunted labyrinth that combines over 15 themed rooms of horror with a pitch black maze. This attraction has NYC’s only 3-D maze where guests upon arrival will receive 3-D glasses to view frightening images of monsters, demons and ghosts that stalk them as they make their way through the maze. Blood Manor is intended to be intense and is therefore not meant for viewers under the age of 14.

Horseman’s Hollow

This attraction takes the Legend of Sleepy Hollow tales to its darkest limits, transforming the place into a dreadful land ruled by the evil undead. Due to popular demand the attraction is now expanding to 11 o’clock evenings.

NIGHTMARE: Killers 2

Nightmare is New York’s first ever and most freighting haunted house. This year Nightmare is celebrating its tenth year in New York City and will be running Killers 2, which is the sequel to last year’s, highly successful and critically acclaimed Killers.


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