Street Eats NYC: Do’s and Don’ts

Street vendors: you’ve heard great things about all of the delicious food carts in NYC but there’s still just something that feels a little risky about buying food from some guys in a truck. I can’t blame you for that, but by avoiding them all together, you’re really missing out.

These are the Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to NYC Street Eats:

DO: Get yourself a dirty water dog if you’ve never had one before. These are from any of the hotdog venders you’ll find throughout the city, and they got their nickname because they are stored in hot water after being cooked. The water isn’t actually dirty, per se. It has more of a cloudy transparency to it. What it comes down to is if you haven’t ever had a dirty water dog, you need to at least once, just to say you did.

DON’T: Get that dirty water dog in a heavily trafficked area (SEE: Times Square). It will cost you 3X as much there as it will on the Lower East Side.

 flickr / wikioticsIan

flickr / wikioticsIan

DO: Favor food trucks with catchy names. If they’re creative enough to come up with a cool name, they’re creative enough to cook up a great, unique dish. It’s science.

DON’T: Get food from a truck that has a dirty outside. Chances are that don’t care too much about the cleanliness of the inside either

DO: Go to street fairs dedicated to food or food trucks. Smorgasburg, the Prospect Park Food Truck Rallies, PARKED! (if it comes back in 2014), and the Vendy Awards are all guaranteed to provide delicious meals for you to eat.

DON’T: Trust the drunken guy on the street who swears he knows where to find the best truck in the city. Lots of food tastes good after a night of alcohol infused fun, most of it isn’t half as good when you’re sober.

flickr / dumbonyc

flickr / dumbonyc

DO: Get Halal from the Halal Guys on 53rd and 6th. Trust me.

DON’T: Get a bag of nuts from the Nuts 4 Nuts carts around the city. There is no greater smell to taste ratio than from these things. It’s the ultimate disappointment.

flickr / Instant Vantage

flickr / Instant Vantage

What are your Street Eats Do’s and Don’ts? Tell us on Twitter at @CitySightsNY


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