How to See a TV Show Shoot in NYC

See A TV Show Film in NYC… For Free!

So you’re coming to NYC and you want to see celebrities. Well, they can be tough to come by. Even if you happen to know where they live (That’s a creepy way to bump into celebrities, by the way) you don’t know when they will be going in or out of their house. But you know what we do know? Filming schedules.

Sure, some filming schedules are kept more secret than others, but here are a few resources to use when trying to catch a TV show or movie filming on the streets of NYC:

Filming Signs

flickr / petrr

flickr / petrr

In NYC, keep an eye out for these filming signs on the street. They specify what is being filmed, where, and when it is being filmed. They have to do this in advance to make sure the streets are clear of cars and give people time to prepare for the intrusion.

On Location Vacations

olv tweets

The OLV calendar is one of the prime tools to keep track of when looking for filming locations. They track these filming permit signs above (mostly through user submissions) and keep a tally of where and when filming will take place, to the best of their abilities. Today 10,000 Saints is filming in NYC! Also, be sure to follow them on twitter where they post the most up to date filmings.


celeb tweet

Speaking of Twitter, the micro blogging network can be an incredible tool for finding your favorite TV show’s schedule. Make sure you follow the actors and actresses you want to see because they often tweet about their regular lives. “I love shooting in Central Park!” or “Chinatown is so lively this time of year” may be enough info for you to put together the pieces.

If you want to see what’s filming in NYC, there’s no guarantee, but these steps will lead you in the right direction.


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