The 2014 Sochi Olympics: What You Need to Know

On Friday, February 7, the Olympics are back!

There aren’t many things in sports better than the Olympic Games. Pitting nation against nation, all things political move to the backburner while each of our great countries send out our best athletes to battle for gold. Every two years, the Olympics bring the world a little closer together, even if only for a couple of weeks.

This year, the Olympics are in Sochi, Russia. If your first thought was, “When are the games going to be shown on TV?” than we’re cut from the same cloth.

1. Many of the Olympic Events will be shown live, but many more will only be broadcast on tape delay.

It really comes down to what sport, and how passionate the American fan base is about said sport. Men’s Hockey will air live, at 7:30 a.m. ET for each of their group stage games. Curling probably won’t get the same preferential treatment. Check your local listings for all of the sports you want to watch.

2. The Opening Ceremony will not be aired live in the United States

This is a ratings play, and NBC airing the Opening Ceremony at 11 a.m. isn’t going to get the ratings that re-airing it at 8 p.m. will. So how do you watch the Opening Ceremony live? Well, you can move to Canada (Live on CBC) or you can hold out hope the NBC will still stream it live online.

3. Competition starts on Thursday, a day before the Opening Ceremony

Classic Olympics. For some reason they always start competition early. Be on the lookout for that.

4. New York is well represented in Sochi

There are going to be 25 New Yorkers going to Sochi in the Olympics and Paralympics this year. Well done NY!

Follow along with our blog and later in the week we’ll keep the Olympic coverage coming with the best places in NYC to watch the games!


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