How to Watch the Olympics in NYC

Photo: Adam Pretty

Photo: Adam Pretty

Watch the Olympics in New York City

With the 2014 Winter Games about to begin in Sochi, Russia, many have found themselves asking how they are going to watch the games. There is a nine-hour difference between NYC and the host city which is going to put a damper on some of the coverage. Here’s our guide with tips on how to watch the 2014 Winter Olympics in NYC.

  • usa hockeyThe NBC prime-time broadcast is going to be entirely on tape delay, so if you can make it through the day without hearing about your favorite events, you shouldn’t have too much trouble coming home every night to take it all in. Unfortunately, in 2014 information travels faster than the speed of light, so this may be a more difficult task than you’d think.
  • The official NBC Olympic website will be live streaming all of the events in real-time. This is a fantastic option if you have the ability to stream events while in the office, but I get the feeling that those jobs are few and far between.
  • Bar hop. OK, it may sound like a crazy idea suggesting to hit the bar at 7 a.m., but it’s serious. Especially with the US Men’s Hockey Team playing all of its group stage games at 7:30 a.m. local time, many of NYC’s best sports bars will be packed early in the mornings in the coming weeks to catch all of the action live. And what better way is there to cheer on Team USA than by drinking an early morning (domestic) pint with a bunch of the closest friends you’ve never met?

How do you plan on catching all of the 2014 Olympic Action while in NYC? Will you just wait for the tape delay or are you going to be an early bird and watch live coverage? Tell us on twitter at @CitySightsNY!


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