Pitchers and Catchers Report for Duty!

photo: daily news

The 2014 Baseball Season is Here (Almost)!

Phew, that was close. With the Super Bowl last Sunday, we were beginning to have a panic attack for the lack of professional sports happening in the United States right now. Sure, we have basketball and hockey, but even with five area teams, we’re not guaranteed a new game every night! We don’t have football weekends to look forward to anymore! What are we supposed to be doing?!

Luckily, pitchers and catchers begin reporting in the Majors today. The Cleveland Indians repot to camp today, and the Yankees and Mets report later this week. Here’s a look at the New York offseason schedules from this point forward:

New York Yankees

The New Yankee Stadium Gate #4

Pitchers and Catchers: February 14

Position Players Report: February 19

First Spring Training Game: February 25 vs FSU

Opening Day: April 1 @ Houston

Home Opener: April 7 vs Baltimore

New York Mets

mets d_wright

Pitchers and Catchers: February 15

Position Players Report: February 20

First spring Training Game: February 28 vs Washington

Opening Day (Home): March 31 vs Washington


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