Blast From the Past: The Bridges of NYC

Long ago, we ran a blog post asking you which was your favorite bridge in NYC. Today we want to open that poll back up. So which is it, the Brooklyn Bridge or Central Park’s Bow Bridge?

Earlier this week, we asked on Facebook what you favorite bridge in New York City is, and offered up 4 choices: The Brooklyn Bridge, The Manhattan Bridge, The George Washington Bridge, or the Williamsburg Bridge.  I cannot say that the results surprised me:

click to enlarge

The Brooklyn Bridge received over 50% of the vote, making it the clear favorite among out Facebook Fans.  In second was the Manhattan Bridge with almost 30%.  Then the George Washington and the Williamsburg brought up the rear with about 10% each.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a staple of New York, and is probably the first bridge I think about when in NYC, but it only had 3 competitors in the poll.  New York City has over 2,000 bridges, some of which are extraordinary.  When we were creating the poll, we only we thinking about connecting bridges in Manhattan, but what about the others?

Could the absolutely beautiful Bow Bridge in Central Park put up a fight with the Brooklyn Bridge?  Sound off in the comments about what bridge is your favorite, big or small, and vote for either the Brooklyn Bridge or Bow Bridge in our latest poll. Don’t forget to visit our new ‘NYC Bridges’ board on Pinterest!

Bow Bridge (via

Brooklyn Bridge


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