Off The Beaten Path: Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea 1

Lamps, tables, WWE Wrestlers, cufflinks and one of a kind artwork. These are all things I came across as I visited the Brooklyn Flea market this past week. I can hands down say it’s one of the coolest treasures of New York City. It still being winter, the Brooklyn Flea has been tucked away in a more or less abandoned building in Williamsburg. In a few weeks it will spread out to their tremendous three locations in Fort Greene, Williamsburg and Park Slope. Each location has over 150 vendors and some great food, so shop and work up a large appetite!

The Brooklyn Flea has been around since 2008 and has grown its reputation over the years. One of things I was most impressed with is the quality of goods that were being sold. This was not your mom and pop garage sale. If you’re not a New Yorker and just visiting, this is also a great place to get one of a kind souvenirs or some of the vendors will even ship some of the larger items home for you so you will always have your own piece of New York!

You can find out all the information you need here:

Brooklyn Flea 2


Made in NY: Chocolate Sweets and Treats

chocolate nyc

It’s Valentine’s Day so we’re bringing you a special Made in NY: The sweets and treats of New York City. We love yummy and delicious things, and with Valentine’s Day in mind, we’re going to take you through NYC to find the best home grown products.

Jacques Torres Chocolate

It’s tough to find better chocolate in NYC than Jacques Torres. Master pastry chef Jacques Torres uses his love of the culinary arts and passion for New York City to devise the ultimate chocolate treats “inspired by the innovative spirit and energy of the city.”

There’s a reason he’s known as “Mr. Chocolate.”

Li-Lac Chocolate

“Stubbornly Old Fashioned since 1923.” That’s right, Li-Lac has been serving some of the best chocolate in the city for close to 100 years, and they’ve been impressing for all of them. When George Demetrious emigrated to NYC in the 1920’s and opened up his West Village, who knew that his original recipes and classic techniques would hold the test of time so well?

The Chocolate Bar

Alison Nelson is a born and raised New Yorker who put herself through collage waiting tables at coffee shops throughout the city. Now she’s one of the most influential culinary experts in NYC, making some of the best chocolate treats you’ll find. Anywhere. She didn’t have professional training in France or grow up in a chocolate family- she just knew great chocolate. Stop by The Chocolate Shop and try one of the hand poured chocolate bars, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So where are your favorite chocolate spot in NYC? Tell us on Twitter at @CitySightsNY.

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8 Summer Shopping Destinations in NYC

Where to shop in New York City

Where to shop in New York City

Are you ready for the summer? Well if you haven’t shopped for some new summer clothes yet, what better place to start than New York City! Summer is quickly approaching and if you need some retail therapy, or are just curious to see all of what New York has to offer, we have a couple of popular suggestions for you.

You can hop-off the Uptown Treasures and Harlem Tour or the Downtown Tour as you travel and shop to all eight of the following locations in one weekend!

Times Square

Whether as a couple, alone, or with family there’s a lot to do in Times Square. Why not check out the biggest Forever 21 I have ever seen with four floors! Oh and it gets better, the kids will love Toys R Us, especially when they see the Ferris wheel inside. Yes I said, it!

South Street Seaport

Okay, here’s one of my favorite places of New York. If you want to shop, eat, and fill a cool breeze by the harbor too, hop off at South Street Seaport. You can be able to shop at Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch and Coach while listening to a live band by the water. Starting on Memorial Day weekend they will be offering a variety of new activities, diverse food, outdoor films, and cultural experiences throughout the whole summer.


Do you want to stand out at that party you just got invited to? SoHo is known for their trendy boutiques filled with clothes that you might not see in an average clothing store. You can also find stores such as Guess, Bloomingdales, and Prada.

Macy’s on 34th Street

If you want to find a gift last minute, or want to be somewhere where you can find just about everything, hop off at Macy’s. You can always trust the most popular department store of NYC! This Macy’s on 34th Street has always been known as one of New York’s landmarks.

Union Square

If you love shoes, especially inexpensive shoes, try DSW. Union Square is known as the most popular places to shop with stores such as Banana Republic, Victoria Secret, and even a food market called Whole Foods.

Chinatown/Canal Street

Can’t find a souvenir for your friend back home? Chinatown has plenty of vendors filled with souvenirs, stylish shirts, hats, bags, shades, clothes, pretty much anything you can find for cheap prices. Oh, and if you ever wondered where to find knock-off designer clothes or bags, Chinatown has it all.

Greenwich Village

Is your heart in high-scale clothing stores? Greenwich Village is filled with designer labels such as Marc Jacobs, Micheal Kors, Ralph Lauren, etc.

Harlem 125th/Harlem Market

Are you a bargain shopper? Harlem is filled with stores with trendy clothes and urban wear for cheap prices. You can also find MAC, American Apparel, and H&M. You can also check out The Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market where they have African-style hand-made clothes and jewelry for women, men, and children.

It’s a lot to choose from, but that’s the beauty of New York City! Hop on a double decker bus tour and shop as much as you want.

What’s Cool: Chelsea Bazaar

Here at CitySights New York, we like things that are cool.  We also like things in New York.  So cool things in New York.. They’re the best.

More importantly, our goal is to show you how cool New York really is, whether it’s while riding on one of our famous bus tours, or while reading about it on our blog.  That is why every Friday we bring you ‘What’s Cool’, where we will tell you, well, you guessed it: something that’s pretty cool in New York City.  Get ready for the weekend because here’s what’s cool:

Chelsea Bazaar floor plan

It’s true; New York has so many street fairs that it would be impossible to see them all.  What’s not true is that they are all one-in-the-same.  Tomorrow at the Altman Building in Chelsea come a festival that can be described as “cool” in both the figurative and literal sense on the word.  I introduce the Chelsea Bazaar.

So, it’s supposed to hit 90 degrees with a chance of rain tomorrow (seriously, Mother Nature?).  Well, the Chelsea Bazaar has you covered because it brings you the best in local shops and vendors all from inside of the building.  There will be food, there will be drinks (for adults and children), there will be all sorts of businesses showing off their goods tomorrow.

The Chelsea Bazaar will run from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St.  The best part is, all CitySights NY customers will get special treatment! Show them your double-decker bus tour ticket and you get front-of-the-line access for FREE!  Super Cool!

The “Bazement” will be on the bottom level tomorrow


What’s Cool: Madison Avenue Watch Week

Here at CitySights New York, we like things that are cool.  We also like things in New York.  So cool things in New York.. They’re the best.

More importantly, our goal is to show you how cool New York really is, whether it’s while riding on one of our famous bus tours, or while reading about it on our blog.  That is why every Friday we bring you ‘What’s Cool’, where we will tell you, well, you guessed it: something that’s pretty cool in New York City.  Get ready for the weekend because here’s what’s cool:

My friend Dave's watches

In the age of the cellular phone, watches have almost become functionally obsolete.  There is no longer a need to carry the time on your wrist knowing that it will always be there in your pocket or your purse.  With more and more small gadgets being produced every year (Smart phones, iPods, tablets, etc.) we, as a society, will always have the time at our fingertips.  Even when you’re walking down a New York City street, advertisements and digital clocks in windows are always displaying the time.  In fact, I would argue that it is more difficult to not know what time it is in New York than it is to know.

But I still wear a watch every day.  I love my watches.  No, I don’t need to wear a watch to know the time as my grandfather had to when he worked in Manhattan, but I like to.  Even as I sit at my computer, when I want to know the time I check my watch rather than look at the corner of the screen.  There’s just something about it.

Watches also serve a second (some would argue, more important) purpose: fashion.  In NYC, fashion just may be more important than knowing the time.  A good watch can be the accessory that completes an outfit.

This week, Madison Avenue will host its second annual Watch Week.  From the 28th until May 5th, storefronts up and down Madison will be hosting galleries and events featuring some of the finest watches in the world.  Most of the events are open to the public, so head on over and check them out.  Watch Week will have the most beautiful watches in the world meaning that, yeah, they will also be the most expensive timepieces in the world, but don’t let that get you down.  I, myself, would love to see what a watch that costs an entire year’s salary looks like.  Maybe if I wear a suit they’ll even let me try one on 😉

The Week kicks off Saturday with the “Gallery of Watches” event at 10 a.m.  Check out the outdoor tent at Madison and 64th for everything that you will need to know to get the most from Madison Avenue Watch Week.  If you’ll be taking the Uptown Treasures and Harlem Tour tomorrow, hop-off at the Central Park Zoo and you’ll be a block from Madison.

Shopping in NYC- Woodbury Common Outlets Holiday schedule

If you want some serious deals on Christmas shopping, then check out Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Just a short 1hr ride outside of NYC.  Their holiday hours are up, make sure you check the bus schedule here also… Woodbury Common bus from NYC.