Un italiano all’estero: An Italian Abroad, Part III


Lorenzo will be joining our team for the next few months, this is the first time he is in New York City and will be periodically checking in with us on his experience here in the States.

When you look what happens along the main avenues of Manhattan, certainly there are three things that remain imprinted in your mind: the neon billboards, huge buildings, and the buses that constantly populate the main areas of New York. So – after visiting Midtown – I decided it was time to discover Downtown. I bought a ticket for the City Sightseeing New York double decker bus, and headed down! The tour lasted around two and a half hours, but you can see a lot of beautiful things and different districts, allowing you to better plan your future activities centered around what attracted you the most! The tour starts with the sight of Times Square and continue to Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, Chelsea district and West Village. After that began the discovery of the most well-known districts of Downtown, Soho and the Financial District (for people like me that love economics), continuing into China Town and Little Italy, ending at the United Nations’ building. Amazing!

Always keep the camera in your hands because once you make it home and see the pictures again, you’ll want to start planning immediately the next days!

So it has been for me, waiting for see again those places lit by the moon.




Quando osservi cosa ti gira intorno mentre cammini per le vie principali di Manhattan, sicuramente sono tre le cose che rimangono più impresse: i numerosi cartelloni pubblicitari, gli enormi edifici e i bus turistici che popolano costantemente tutte le zone principali di New York.

Così – dopo aver visitato Midtown – ho deciso che era il momento di farsi un tour per Downtown! Ho acquistato un biglietto per il bus City Sightseeing New York e sono partito! Il tour é durato circa 2 ore e mezzo, ma si riescono a vedere un sacco di cose belle, un sacco di quartieri diversi, così da poter pianificare al meglio i futuri spostamenti nei posti che più ci hanno colpito!

Si inizia con Times Square per continuare con Madison Square Garden, Empire State Building, Chelsea e il West Village. Comincia adesso la vera scoperta dei quartieri più noti e caratteristici di Downtown passando per Soho, fino al Financial District (per chi come me é appassionato di economia) per poi continuare visitando China Town e Little Italy, fino alla sede generale delle Nazioni Unite.

Tenete sempre in mano la macchina fotografica perché quando tornerete a casa e riguarderete tutti i posti che avete visitato, comincerete sicuramente a pianificare le prossime uscite.

Così é stato per me, in attesa di vederli nuovamente illuminati dalla luna.


Un italiano all’estero: An Italian Abroad, Part II

Central Park Sunset

Lorenzo will be joining our team for the next few months, this is the first time he is in New York City and will be periodically checking in with us on his experience here in the States.

One of my first weekends in the big apple! This is how my experience went. Hoping on a sunny day, where best to start my adventure  then the magnificent Times Square. If I have one piece of advice I can give you, always look up while you’re walking, there’s a world to discover – step by step – above your head.

From an art’s lover opinion stop and visit MoMa Museum (11 W 53rd St, New York) the art was amazing or as the French like to say Crème de la Crème. After that it’s time to eat something, I went to the Rockefeller Center for a snack and then with my belly full I started my shopping spree!

With some extra shopping bags I continued onto fifth avenue, which gave me the opportunity to visit one of the most famous churches in NYC, San Patrick’s Cathedral for example. After a quick pray I went straight until I could see a big lighted apple, that’s the Apple store, take a walk it will be well worth you time!

So now I have arrived at Central Park just in time to say goodbye to the sun! That was my trip, enjoy your weekend!


Vi racconto adesso uno dei primi weekend nella grande mela: ecco come la mia esperienza ha avuto inizio. Grazie ad una bella giornata di sole decisi di partire da Times Square. Se posso darvi un consiglio: guardate sempre in alto quando camminate, c’è un mondo da scoprire, passo dopo passo, sopra la vostra testa.

Se anche voi come me amate l’arte allora non potete non visitare il MoMa Museum (11 W 53rd St, New York), e’ meraviglioso e ricco di famosissime opere!

Fatto ciò mi sono concesso una merenda al Rockfeller Center e proprio li, con la pancia piena, ho cominciato il mio shopping. Dopo alcuni acquisti ho continuato sulla fifth avenue, che mi ha dato l’opportunita’ di visitare una delle piu’ famose chiese in NYC, la cattedrale di San Patrick.

Dopo una veloce preghiera ho proseguito tutto dritto fino a che non mi sono imbattuto in una grande mela illuminata: non poteva quindi mancare la visita all’Apple store!

Cosi’ mi ritrovai a Central Park giusto in tempo per salutare il sole!

Questo fu il mio primo weekend! Divertitevi!

Off The Beaten Path: Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea 1

Lamps, tables, WWE Wrestlers, cufflinks and one of a kind artwork. These are all things I came across as I visited the Brooklyn Flea market this past week. I can hands down say it’s one of the coolest treasures of New York City. It still being winter, the Brooklyn Flea has been tucked away in a more or less abandoned building in Williamsburg. In a few weeks it will spread out to their tremendous three locations in Fort Greene, Williamsburg and Park Slope. Each location has over 150 vendors and some great food, so shop and work up a large appetite!

The Brooklyn Flea has been around since 2008 and has grown its reputation over the years. One of things I was most impressed with is the quality of goods that were being sold. This was not your mom and pop garage sale. If you’re not a New Yorker and just visiting, this is also a great place to get one of a kind souvenirs or some of the vendors will even ship some of the larger items home for you so you will always have your own piece of New York!

You can find out all the information you need here: http://www.brooklynflea.com/

Brooklyn Flea 2

March Madness #TVShowdown Down to 8 Shows Left


Win $100 by voting for your favorite NYC TV show!

With one round in the books, our bracket expert Dickie V is back again to analyze the highlights of the week:

March Madness is in full swing and we’ve got upsets galore! Selena Gomez single handedly knocks off Sex and the City!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? The Today Show falls to SNL!? OH BABY! UP-SET CITY BABY!

Now we’ve got a clash of the titans in the comedy bracket! FRIENDS VS SEINFELD! The battle of unrealistic apartments! IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME BABY!

Thanks, Dick. Second round voting has begun and the final four is on the line. Here are the matchups:

  • Wizards of Waverly Place vs The Apprentice
  • SNL vs Fallon
  • Seinfeld vs Friends
  • Law & Order vs Mad Men


Head over to to official bracket page to make your votes now! Each game you vote in gives you another entry to win the grand prize of $100! Voting ends on Thursday, so don’t miss out!

The (Almost True) Story of the Origin of St. Patrick’s Day in NYC


Long long ago, in the city of New York lived a man named Patrick. Paddy, as his friends called him, was a bit of a recluse, regularly finding himself with nothing but a pint glass topped with Guinness and a folded over newspaper turned to the classifieds as he would hunt for yet another new job to support his favorite habit: Drinking. Nobody ever expected Paddy to amount to much in life. “He spends too much time at the pub,” the townspeople would holler. “He has no ambition,” his own mother would say. Little did they know that his life was a special one. Little did anyone know that his life, hundreds of years down the line, would still be celebrated.

It was a bright, sunny afternoon, this 17th day of March, when Paddy’s life would change forever. As accustomed, Paddy had a stool pulled up to the bar, drink in one hand, paper in the other, chatting with the old barkeep whose children he was putting through college with each sip of the glass. “I heard about the job at the mill,” the barkeep sheepishly muttered as he topped off another round. “This one’s on the house.”

“Aye, well they shouldn’t have put me in charge of the grain if they didn’t want me to mix it all up,” Paddy replied with a nod and lifted the freshly filled pint to his mouth.

“There’s nothing left for me,” his tone turned grim. “They’re right. I’m never going to amount to anything. I may as well just sit at this pub and drink til I drop.”

As if by the grace of God himself, just as Paddy uttered those fateful words, the door swung open and in ran a woman with such a look of panic on her face you’d think her house was on fire. “My house is on fire!” she yelled. “And a newborn batch of puppies are trapped on the top floor! And my house is all the way up 5th Avenue!”

house on fire

Paddy raced into this very home to save the puppies.

This was it. This was Paddy’s moment.

Paddy stood up with a confidence he had never before been able to muster, threw back the rest of his beer in what seemed like one single gulp, slammed the glass to the bar and began to the door. Yeah, Paddy. This is you Paddy he thought to himself. The hero began running up 5th Avenue but it was taking too long. That’s when he saw a CitySights NY bus full of tourists and got an idea.

Paddy stopped the bus and demanded it turn around – against traffic – to lead him uptown to help save the puppies. The CitySights NY driver knew the responsibility bestowed upon him imperative and began fighting the traffic. For the puppies. He traveled from 44th Street all the way up to 79th Street, where the fire was ghastly ablaze. Paddy hopped off the bus and raced into the home with complete disregard for his own safety. Minutes passed and onlookers began to worry.

St  Patrick's Day 2010 CSNY

Paddy was scared, but with the help of CitySights NY he knew he could save the day.

But there he emerged, a new man, puppies in hand! Gone was the lonesome bloke who cared more about his Guinness than his own children, and out walked a hero.

“What’s your name?” a man from the crowd yelled.

“Patrick,” he replied.

“You’re a saint, Patrick!” the woman whose puppies were saved shouted back. “You’re a saint!”

Every year from that point forward, on the same day as The Great Puppy Fire, we celebrate St. Patrick with a parade, traveling the same route he took to get from the pub to the puppies. And so began St. Patrick’s Day.

March Madness: The Best TV Show Set in NYC

Vote for your favorite TV Shows to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Welcome to the CSNY March Madness NYC TV Show Tournament! We’re here with tournament expert Dick Vitale from SportsCenter to break it down.

IT’S MARCH MADNESS BABY! We’ve been watching television for over 50 years and now it all comes down to this! 16 TEAMS! ONE CHAMPION! IT’S AWESOME BABY! AWESOME WITH A CAPITAL ‘A’!

tv logos

That’s right Dickie V, over the course of history, there have been hundreds of TV shows set in NYC, but now it’s time to find out who the true champion is. Some shows earned their way to the big dance through consistency and top level entertainment, other shows like Wizards of Waverly Place are on a Cinderella journey, earning an automatic bid from the KSC (Kid Shows Conference). Now we battle it out, head-to-head, and come March 31, only one show will remain standing as the best TV show ever based in NYC.

Ultimately, it’s the fans who will decide. We want you to vote for the shows that you love. Each time you vote on a matchup, your name will be entered into a pool and at the end of the tournament we will be picking one of those names at random to win a $100 Amazon gift card! There are 8 chances to vote in the first round, 4 in the second, 2 in the third, and one in the championship round for 15 potential entries into the pool, so make sure you keep coming back to vote.

Let’s take a look at the bracket:


OH BABY! Some of these matchups are looking AWESOME BABY! Selena’s a surefire first round draft pick, but does she have enough to take down the entire cast of Sex and the City!? Diaper-Dandy Jimmy Fallon is coming into the tournament with tons of momentum but is that enough!? Is that enough to top the seasoned veteran, Ed Sullivan!? OH BABY! ONLY TIME WILL TELL BABY!

Dick, give us your predictions. You’ve seen the bracket, you’ve studied the film- makes it to the final four here?


I’ve got Seinfeld easily cruising through the Comedy Bracket and Sex and the City taking Miscellaneous without much of a problem! I’ve got Law & Order topping Mad Men in a close matchup to take the Drama Bracket!


Well, Dickie, only time will tell. After all, it comes down to a fan vote. Voting opens up on Thursday for the opening round matchups but in the meantime, why don’t you tell us who you think is going to win it all on Twitter at @CitySightsNY and use the hashtag #tvshowdown to stay involved!

Tournament Schedule:

  • March 13-17: First Round Voting (8 potential entries)
  • March 17-20: Second Round Voting (4 potential entries)
  • March 20-25: Final Four Voting (2 potential entries)
  • March 25-31: Championship Voting (1 potential entry)

Meet The Social Media Team

Last week was social media week, and to celebrate we introduced our social team to the world. We’re a fun bunch who work tirelessly to provide all of our customers and fans with the best service, information, and activities we can on a daily basis. If you ever have any questions, shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter. In the meantime, here is a recap of our social media team:


David holds a BA from UCLA in Film and Television and an MBA from UConn in Marketing. He has been a marketing professional in New York City since 1998. He is the creator and producer of the Ride of Fame™, and is a member of the Broadway Association and Government Affairs Professional in New York City. He is a self-proclaimed movie buff and loves listening to music from the 80s!


Christina is a true New Yorker, born and raised in the forgotten borough of Staten Island. She likes country music & coffee and is dating a guy from Ireland who we all think might kidnap her at some point. We hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, we’ll be sure to take care of Tanksy, her fake goldfish.


Annie is an NYU graduate who apparently majored in sending out emails with manatee memes in them. She sits on a stability ball instead of a chair which the team fully supports (except on Fridays when we use it for office dodge ball). Occasionally she’s been known to steal rocks from Central Park and eat meatballs on top of salad.


Kevin is a huge college football fan
Whose answers to questions resemble a wise man
He carries a bow across his chest
And really thinks he is the best
But he just makes our social media plan


Kim is a lover of puppies, dogs, canines, and especially puppies. Despite it nearly being springtime, her desk is proudly decked out in Christmas decorations bringing holiday cheer to the office in the coldest of months. Two weeks ago Kim returned from an extended vacation in Thailand, and she just won’t shut up about how cultured she is now.