Where to Watch the Super Bowl in NYC

We’re two days away from the Super Bowl in NYC and if you haven’t decided where you’re going to watch the game yet, we might be able to help. Here’s our quick guide to watching the Super Bowl in New York City (if you don’t have a ticket):

First you need to ask yourself this question: I’m I a Seahawks or Broncos fan? If you answer yes, here are your best options:



Image Via Flickr/Seattleseahawkfan

Feile – This Midtown Bar will be packed with Seahawks blue come Sunday. It’s where ‘Hawks fans meet in NYC every week during the regular season

Carlow East – Home to the NYCeahawks, Carlow East will fulfill every 12th man need you have



Images Via Flickr/Jason Bradwell

Butterfield 8 – Plan on this Midtown bar being packed with orange. If you wear Broncos gear, you get half off bar snacks on Sunday

Stout – This Broncos bar is located right next to Feile, so when Peyton hoists the Lombardi Trophy, you can look out the window and watch the Seahawks fans walking home with their heads down

What’s that, you’re not a fan? That’s fine! Here are some options for people who don’t want to get run over every time there’s a score:

The Sixth Ward – For $45, you get an open bar, halftime buffet, and expect giveaways all night

Down The Hatch– $23 for 3 pitchers of beer, plus all the atomic wings you can handle. Not a bad deal.

TG Whitney’s – This is the official bar of the NY/NJ Super Bowl Committee, which is something I never thought needed an official bar, but what do I know. Anyway, you can expect big things here Sunday


Images Via Flickr/David Schick

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Where to Watch the NY Rangers in NYC

Madison Square garden

It’s that time of season again sports fan. Tonight is game 1 of the Rangers season and if you haven’t noticed, Madison Square Garden still isn’t ready, so you’re probably wondering where else you can experience the hockey madness with your Ranger brothers this month. Looks no further then these 5 bars that are guaranteed to satisfy your needs for the Blue Shirts’ 9-game road trip to start the season.

The Flying Puck

The Flying Puck is only half a block away from Madison Square Garden, so the environment is guaranteed to be electric.  They have huge plasma TVs throughout the bar and bartenders at the top of their game.  In recent weeks, the fans here have raised the bar with songs and chants being sung throughout the night, as if you we actually at the game.

Molly Wee Pub

A nice little Irish bar that is located 1 block South of MSG on the corner of eight and 30. Like The Flying Puck, the bar is filled with tons of Rangers fans due to being so close to the stadium. The food is great, the drinks are flowing, great seating even on their busy nights and they have plenty of large TV screens.

The Blarney Rock

This Irish Pub is packed with Rangers fans during games in October, so tonight, and the rest of this series, will be awesome.  The food is so-so, but the drink prices are usually good and the game will be on basically every TV, so you can’t really go wrong.


Located right next to the Blarney Rock, Stout is another MSG area bar that will have a great atmosphere.  It’s typically a bit less crowded than The Flying Puck during hockey games, but I have a feeling that all three of these places will be packed for the rest of the postseason.

Warren 77

This bar is actually co-owned by one of the New York Rangers Sean Avery. A unique place with its bar shaped like a seven, with small tables in the back, spacious booths in the center and a lounge type area in the form of the bar complete with old school games like Pacman, Donkey Kong and much more. The food is pricy but good with a friendly staff and a diverse crowd. This bar is more like a hipster bar.

All these places are guaranteed to satisfy any true Rangers fan  and if you’re looking for looking for a place to go, have a nice dinner and listen to music with your family, these are not the places for you tonight.