Un italiano all’estero: An Italian Abroad, Part II

Central Park Sunset

Lorenzo will be joining our team for the next few months, this is the first time he is in New York City and will be periodically checking in with us on his experience here in the States.

One of my first weekends in the big apple! This is how my experience went. Hoping on a sunny day, where best to start my adventure  then the magnificent Times Square. If I have one piece of advice I can give you, always look up while you’re walking, there’s a world to discover – step by step – above your head.

From an art’s lover opinion stop and visit MoMa Museum (11 W 53rd St, New York) the art was amazing or as the French like to say Crème de la Crème. After that it’s time to eat something, I went to the Rockefeller Center for a snack and then with my belly full I started my shopping spree!

With some extra shopping bags I continued onto fifth avenue, which gave me the opportunity to visit one of the most famous churches in NYC, San Patrick’s Cathedral for example. After a quick pray I went straight until I could see a big lighted apple, that’s the Apple store, take a walk it will be well worth you time!

So now I have arrived at Central Park just in time to say goodbye to the sun! That was my trip, enjoy your weekend!


Vi racconto adesso uno dei primi weekend nella grande mela: ecco come la mia esperienza ha avuto inizio. Grazie ad una bella giornata di sole decisi di partire da Times Square. Se posso darvi un consiglio: guardate sempre in alto quando camminate, c’è un mondo da scoprire, passo dopo passo, sopra la vostra testa.

Se anche voi come me amate l’arte allora non potete non visitare il MoMa Museum (11 W 53rd St, New York), e’ meraviglioso e ricco di famosissime opere!

Fatto ciò mi sono concesso una merenda al Rockfeller Center e proprio li, con la pancia piena, ho cominciato il mio shopping. Dopo alcuni acquisti ho continuato sulla fifth avenue, che mi ha dato l’opportunita’ di visitare una delle piu’ famose chiese in NYC, la cattedrale di San Patrick.

Dopo una veloce preghiera ho proseguito tutto dritto fino a che non mi sono imbattuto in una grande mela illuminata: non poteva quindi mancare la visita all’Apple store!

Cosi’ mi ritrovai a Central Park giusto in tempo per salutare il sole!

Questo fu il mio primo weekend! Divertitevi!


The 10th Annual NYC Fall For Dance Festival Begins With Shows at Delacorte Theater

dance festival

This September we will celebrate the 10th annual Fall for Dance Festival when 24 different dance companies will perform at New York City Center from September 25 through October 5. Some of the headliners of the festival include the Royal Ballet and Ballet Hispanico, who will both be giving world premieres of works commissioned by the festival.

For the first time ever, the Fall for Dance Festival will be preluded by a kickoff event at the Delacorte Theater on September 16 and 17 presented be the Public Theater. Performing on both nights are the New York City Ballet, the Paul Taylor Dance Company, Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, and Elizabeth Streb’s Streb Extreme Action Company.

To top it all off, these two nights are completely free. So if you’re in town this September, Swing by Central Park and get excited for some dancing.

Photo Credit: Flickr / NazarethCollege

Free Things for the Kids to do This Summer in NYC


Make your kids day and take them out to see what New York City has to offer for free this summer! No need to take out your wallet, we came up with a few activities that will be entertaining and fun for the whole family.

Fun in the Water

Typical but still exciting! We all know it’s too hot to not make any plans to head the pool this summer. This weekend why not hop-off at Brooklyn Bridge Park, John Jay Park, or Lasker Pool on 110th and Lenox Ave. Just remember to bring a combination lock for your belongings.

Get Creative!

Try something new and take the kids to Ancient Playground, it’s Egyptian-style with stone pyramids, tunnels, sandbox, and water features great for the heat. Catch-and-Release Fishing is fun too, and the best part is all of this is free when you hop-off in Central Park.

Expand their imagination and go to Kids Create! This is another free activity that will be exciting on weekends at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Sweet Music to the Ears

If you want to keep the kids entertained all summer long take them to the music festivals and concerts this year. Pick any Wednesday in July through August, and check out the Music in the Grove at Fort Greene Park. For even more excitement, hop-off with the kids at our flatiron stop for Madison Square Kids Summer Concert Series. Just remember to bring the blanket to sit on, and get ready to dance and sing-a-along!

Where do you plan on taking the kids in NYC before the summer is over?

Photo Credit: Flickr / juhansonin

Shakespeare in the Park 2013

shakepeare central park

William Shakespeare is back in Central Park and is once again doing his thing, completely for free. If you’re unfamiliar with what we’re speaking to, The Public Theater puts on two shows each summer in the open air Delacorte Theater in Central Park, a tradition known as Shakespeare in the Park. Tickets are free and on a first-come first-served basis, but the production is still some of the best you’ll see this summer.

This year’s first show is The Comedy of Errors, which is running from May 28 until June 30. The second show will be Love’s Labour’s Lost, A New Musical and runs from July 23 until August 18.

Ticketing Information:

  • Tickets for each show are distributed the day of the show at 12 p.m. at the Delacorte Theater, but you’ll have to begin lining up much earlier than that.
  • Since Shakespeare in the Park is so awesome, and free, tickets go fast. You should probably show up by 10 a.m. at the latest for a shot at tickets.
  • Central Park opens a 6 a.m., and people usually do begin lining up that early.
  • There’s a two ticket limit per person
  • While you wait, there will be food vendors and bathrooms in the area, so that’s cool.
  • If the show gets rained out, your tickets are not refundable.

So are you going to see Shakespeare in the Park this year? I’m hoping to get to The Comedy of Errors before the end of the month, which show do you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

Photo Credit: Flickr / Randy OHC

New York Helicopter Tour!

Helicopter Tours!

See Manhattan from the sky while you’re riding on a helicopter!  CitySights NY is offering helicopter tours with our friends at Liberty Helicopter that are sure to blow your mind!

While you’re riding high in the sky, you’ll get to see the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River, One World Trade Center, Central Park, The Brooklyn Bridge, and even Yankee Stadium.  Chances are you’ve never experienced a trip like this, so get your helicopter tour tickets today.

Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

Today, William Shakespeare would have turned 448 years old if he were still alive.  Here are some ways you can celebrate:

Click for full size

Stroll Down Literary Walk:

Literary Walk cuts through The Mall in Central Park, and might be the most beautiful place in New York City.  It is such a peaceful, relaxing place and at the south end has a statue of William Shakespeare to honor his greatness in literature.

Plan a date for Shakespeare in the Park

I would say book your tickets, but as you probably know Shakespeare in the Park is FREE!  It is also tough to plan a date to actually go since all tickets are distributed the day of the show through a lottery system, but you can get excited for it.

Visit the Delacorte Theater

The Delacorte Theater can be found in Central Park and is home to Shakespeare in the Park.  Since you cannot really book your tickets yet, you might as well see the beautiful gardens that surround the theater.

Are you going to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday?  Share in the comments section your plans or if you’re going to Shakespeare in the Park this year.

The 2012 NYC St. Patrick’s Day Parade Route

Many of our guests have been inquiring about the route of New York City’s famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade, so I thought we could help you out.  This year’s parade runs from south to north on 5th Ave., beginning at 44th St. and ending at 86th St.  The parade kicks off at 11 a.m. and can last for five or six hours!


image via Google Maps (click to enlarge)

What’s almost as important as knowing the parade route is knowing where to stand along the parade route. That is why this year I have taken to the streets to find you the perfect spot from where you can enjoy the parade.

First, here is a look from where the parade begins.  All of the marchers are going to head right up 5th Ave., opposite of the direction traffic normally travels.

Looking uptown, 5th Ave.

Now, let’s check out the four best places to stand and watch the 2012 New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade

4. Rockefeller Center


Rockefeller Center is going to be quite a bit crowded on the 17th, but if you’re willing to get up early, this may be the spot to grab.  The downtown portion of the tour will be cramped, so my general recommendation is to avoid it, but with a little extra room to stand between 50th and 51st, the view may be worth it.  What could be better than showing your friends pictures of the parade with St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the background? Just don’t show up too late or Atlas might ruin your view.

3. 67th Street, West Side

5th Ave. along the park

The further uptown you go, more and more room seems to appear for you to stand.  Finding a spot right along Central Park is definitely a safe bet.  The sidewalk is wide and the scene is beautiful.  You cannot go wrong.  67th street in particular is a smart decision because there is a walking trail leading into the park at that point.  If you ever get tired of watching the show, you can go for a relaxing stroll, and when the parade comes to an end, you won’t get caught in (too much) foot traffic.  Just cut through the park to the west side of the city and you can continue your celebrations while avoiding most of the crowd. Or, if you are visiting from Jersey and want to call it a day, Just hop on the B or D and it will take you right to Herald Square, just blocks from Penn Station where you can transfer to your NJ Transit train.  While everybody else is packed in on the east side of Manhattan, you will have a smooth ride if you sneak off to the west side.  67th street is the ultimate escape route paired with a fantastically scenic experience.

2. Between 58th and 59th St., Either Side

Pulitzer Fountain

At 58th St. you will find the Pulitzer Fountain, which doubles as a landmark and wonderful spot to see the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  This is the mouth of the river that is Downtown 5th Ave.  Right here, the sidewalks on both sides of the street open up into a beautiful, spacious stretch.  Both sides of the street also (conveniently) elevate the further back they go.  That means that even if you don’t get the parade early, there still may be a hidden gem for you to stand at 58th St.

You view of 5th Ave. from the Pulitzer Fountain

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Without doubt, the best spot to stand and watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade is at The Met. More specifically, the best spot is the stairs leading up to the front entrance of The Met.  The stairs run almost an entire block, leaving room for a bunch of people to stand.  The stairs go high, perfect to capture that awesome photo of the bagpipers you’re hoping for.  The stairs are unimpeded by trees, signs or any other immovable objects.  The stairs in front of the Met are the perfect stage to watch this year’s parade.

Your view from the top of the staircase in front of The Met

Hopefully my tips have helped you, but most importantly, no matter where you stand for the parade, please share all of your great photos with us and make sure that you have fun!